Fernandez Hospital instituted its Department of Academics in 2003 to keep abreast with advances in medical information and technology.

The department is responsible for Continuing Medical Education (CME) of in-house doctors and paramedics.
It co-ordinates the various academic activities of the DNB Training Programme and Perinatal Education Programme,
as well as specialized training programmes in obstetrics and gynaecology, high-risk pregancy, obstetric anaesthesia
and neonatology.

In the process of developing into a Tertiary Care Referral Centre for obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology, Fernandez Hospital has also become a Teaching Hospital, attracting observers and interns from all over the country and from abroad. Students from Australia and the UK come to do their Overseas Electives.

Trimesterwise Pregnancy Meal Planning — 1st Trimester

When a woman becomes pregnant, a little bit of extra care is needed as the body undergoes several transformations. The foetus needs different nutrients to develop into a healthy baby. And all these requirements are fulfilled by the mother through a healthy diet and vitamin/mineral supplements. 

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