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Women are the experts in their own bodies and babies, and that, given full information, they will make the choices that are right for themselves and their babies – whether or not they are in sync with current medical or cultural beliefs. – Sarah Buckley, Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering.

Pregnancy is natural.  It is a celebration of new life and new beginnings – for both the mother and her newborn baby.  Have your birth your way with the personalized support and care of a professional midwife.

Midwives are personal, professional, trusted experts in natural birth.

Midwifery support during labour and delivery decreases the risk of unnecessary interventions.  Many more women today, find they are more comforted with the support and care of a professional midwife or a doctor who supports gentle, natural and safe childbirth.  We at Stork Home believe and endorse natural birth. 

Fernandez Hospital over the years with its rich history of experience spanned over six decades, commits itself today to supporting natural birth.  We at Stork Home, with our professional midwives and team of obstetricians, support women through labour and help them birth with confidence.  

The continuous support of a professional midwife helps provide the environment of trust.  Your fears are reduced and your physical, emotional and psychological needs are met in an atmosphere of respectful care.  You deserve this and more.  

We believe birthing is a human right and every woman should be offered professional midwifery care.


Gentle, nurturing care that respects you and your beliefs.

Respect for your birth plan, with a commitment to honest communication, should there be a need to seek other options.

Freedom to move and to adopt any position you wish to, in the active phase of labour.

Freedom to eat and drink.  You will be given a menu with safe options.  

Freedom to adopt the position of choice for birth.  Squatting, knee-chest, lateral (lying on the side), upright, standing.  

The midwife will help you breastfeed your baby and will leave your side only after you are confident and comfortable. 

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