Midwives and nurses form an important part of the health workforce in many countries. They are at the front line of maternal health provision, interacting with colleagues across primary, secondary and tertiary care services.

Pregnancy and childbirth are a normal physiological process in a woman’s life. Fernandez Hospital is committed to helping women enjoy this special journey and make choices regarding issues surrounding birth.

To meet this objective the Hospital began a Professional Midwifery Education and Training (PMET) Programme to produce a cadre of competent, confident and skilled midwives. This special taskforce would help deliver simple safe, affordable care to low risk mothers in the community. Our ultimate aim is to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity. From August 2011 to June 2017 our Midwives have helped birth 6317 women. We look forward to help train larger groups of midwives on a national level.

Those interested in this programme may please contact, drevita@fernandezhospital.com, who will be more than willing to share information.

Click here to know more about Promise - Our Midwifery Campaign.

Trimesterwise Pregnancy Meal Planning — 1st Trimester

When a woman becomes pregnant, a little bit of extra care is needed as the body undergoes several transformations. The foetus needs different nutrients to develop into a healthy baby. And all these requirements are fulfilled by the mother through a healthy diet and vitamin/mineral supplements. 

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