Dr Sheena Byrom's ROAR Workshop Elicits Emotional Response

The first of many ROAR workshops - Why Kindness, Compassion and Respect Matters! was conducted on 10th January by Dr Sheena Byrom (U.K), co-author of the book ''The Roar Behind the Silence''. She collaborated with Fernandez Hospital, Hyderabad and the first initiative took place at the Mother and Child Health Centre (MCH) Karimnagar, Telangana.
The State has one of the highest c-section rates and therefore initiated the first public/private partnership with UNICEF to train 30 nurses to become professional midwives. The venue could not be more apt and staff from MCH attended the interactive session and shared powerful emotions towards the disrespect Indian mothers receive in maternity services. There was a commitment and pledge from individuals and groups towards improving women's experiences.
It is a basic human right for women to birth without interventions and in the State c-sections are imposed without valid indications. Mothers need to be empowered and be given the knowledge and information about childbirth. Natural physiological births currently happen by default and the workshop further highlights the importance of women centred care and prevention of unnecessary procedures during childbirth. Indian women have the right to birth wthout abuse. The workshops will be also held in other states in South India in January 2018.

Molar pregnancy / Trophoblastic disease

Molar pregnancy is part of the spectrum of diseases known as trophoblastic disease. A normal pregnancy consists of the fetus or developing baby and the placenta which is made of trophoblasts. 

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