ROAR Midwifery Workshop Creates a Further Stir

The final ROAR Workshop in ​H​yderabad on 19th January involving visiting UK consultant midwife Dr. Sheena Byrom ​created a further stir! ​​Multi-collaborative delegates ​​from public and private institutions attended from the city and surrounding regions, and one ​doctor ​travelled 5 hours from Nandyal town in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. ​
The sessions raised awareness and the role plays evoked discussions around important issues such as unbiased information giving, enabling informed choice. One delegate's personal pledge was, ''Today I promise myself that I will never be rude to a pregnant woman, whatever the situation may be, however tired and exhausted I am, I promise to treat mothers with respect and dignity and try to understand their fears, rather than dumping my orders on them." 
The workshops were well received and offered a safe space to share ideas. The workshops will now continue to other South Indian states from Chennai to Kerala.

Trimesterwise Pregnancy Meal Planning — 1st Trimester

When a woman becomes pregnant, a little bit of extra care is needed as the body undergoes several transformations. The foetus needs different nutrients to develop into a healthy baby. And all these requirements are fulfilled by the mother through a healthy diet and vitamin/mineral supplements. 

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