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The 10th Obstetric Emergencies and Life Support Skills Workshop
The 10th Obstetric Emergencies and Life Support Skills Workshop
Excellent Feedback From Delegates Attending OELSS Workshop
Dr. Kameswari S. welcoming the delegates to the 10th OELSS Workshop
Dr. Manokanth giving an overview on BLS and ALS at the OELSS Workshop
Dr. Shanti addressing the delegates on Resuscitation in Obstetric Haemorrhage
Dr. Kameswari S. talking on Postpartum Haemorrhage
Dr. Sailaja Devi K. giving a lecture on Eclampsia Drill
Dr. Nuzhat Aziz talking about the problem of Shoulder Dystocia
Dr. Rajeev Santosh talking on Neonatal Resuscitation
Dr. Manokanth explaining CPR in Pregnancy protocol to the delegates
Dr. Jyotima at Station IA giving a demo on Airway Management
Dr. Shanti explaining the procedure for Fluid and Blood Resuscitation
Dr. Kameswari S. and Dr. Anisha G. at Station IIB giving a demo on Haemostasis
Dr. Nuzhat Aziz at Station III giving a demo on Shoulder Dystocia
Dr. Sailaja Devi K. at Station IV conducting the Eclampsia Drill
Dr. Rajeev Santosh at Station V giving a demo on Neonatal Resuscitation

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