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Fernandez Foundation (FF) established its Department of Academics in 2003 to keep abreast with advances in medical information and technology. In the process of developing into a Tertiary Care Referral Centre for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Neonatology,  FF has also become a teaching hospital, attracting observers and interns from all over the country and from abroad. As an established teaching institute, FHF has a number of medical students from UK, USA, Australia, Malaysia and the Gulf, visiting the Hospital to do their electives, and for a period of observorship.


It coordinates the various academic activities of the DNB Training Programme and the Perinatal Education Programme, as well as specialized training programmes in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, High Risk Pregnancy, Obstetric Anesthesia and Neonatology.
The Department of Academics ensures that the curriculum set by the National Board of Examinations is strictly adhered to over the year by each individual department. The respective DNB Coordinators of each department meet their DNB students in every quarter so that an adequate feedback is obtained. They are encouraged to come forward with their difficulties and problems and every attempt is made to solve these. 
We arrange lectures by visiting National and International Faculty both from Hospitals in India and abroad, who are well known in their respective fields. The Hospital has had the privilege in the last few years, of hosting and listening to some of the best known luminaries in their respective fields which has tremendously helped both the resident staff and the faculty to update their knowledge and seek clarifications from their guests. This also ensures that the hospital is exposed to all categories of doctors from different countries who visit India.
We encourage academic activities in the hospital, like doing and publishing original research as well as holding seminars, workshops, panel discussions and journal clubs.
The Department of Academics has, over the last few years conducted regular seminars and workshops of very high quality in the hospital. Such activities are recognized by the Telangana Medical Council for which a certification is given to the person attending the conferences in order to bring up their CME hours, which are necessary for them to get reaccreditation. The Department also assists various other departments in conducting national and international conferences and the Hospital has become synonymous with hosting of well-planned and conducted conferences in different specialties.
The consultants and residents are encouraged to publish their original research from the Hospital, and as a result there are a number of publications both in national as well as international journals.