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Breastfeeding Support

Breastmilk is the best for the newborn!

It is the most complete food available and has all the essential ingredients in the correct proportions for healthy growth and development. It has several advantages for the baby and the mother. Although breastfeeding brings its own unique rewards, it is an art that has to be learned.

To prepare the mothers for breastfeeding well before they handle their babies, awareness classes are being conducted at Fernandez Hospital in all the units for the expecting mothers. You can contact – 8008570465 for further information.

To make all the mothers confident in breastfeeding, we at Fernandez Hospital, have lactation counsellors and nurses trained in lactation to help the mothers round the clock to make your journey smooth and happy.

For any concerns regarding breastfeeding, either you can contact our “Lactation Help line, 040 40632411” or mail to “lactline@fernandez.foundation” to aid you in issues related to lactation.

You can also help other needy mothers to nourish their babies by donating excess breast milk. Fernandez Hospital has a “Human milk bank”, where milk is collected, screened, processed by pasteurization, and the donated human milk is distributed to meet the specific medical needs of newborns. It gives you a satisfaction of helping sick and premature babies for their survival and early discharge from hospital. It is a service to humanity. For further information, contact our “Lactation Helpline, 040 40632411” or mail to “lactline@fernandez.foundation”