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Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

For every pregnant woman, the journey from conception to childbirth should be a wonderful experience. Fernandez Hospital is actively developing methods to make this path problem-free and smooth for mothers-to-be. A woman’s body during pregnancy is as fragile as a newborn baby, and we therefore understand the importance of fostering the well-being of the home in which a new life grows.

Yoga has been promoted through the ages for its varied benefits. With changing times, prenatal yoga has been gaining popularity to aid expectant mothers through an easy childbirth. If practiced right, under the guidance of experienced yoga instructors, prenatal yoga is a boon to pregnant women during and after childbirth.


Treating Headaches During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase during which you get ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. It is also a time when women undergo physical changes and experience some discomforts. Headache during pregnancy is quite common, especially in the first trimester. Though most frequent in the first and third trimester, pregnancy headache may occur at any time during the gestation period.

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