September 2017

September 2017

Fernandez Hospital Caesarean Section Rates SEPTEMBER 2017

Robson Grouping

The litmus test for any hospital would be group 1. This group encompasses the woman with a singleton baby with head down position, uncomplicated pregnancy and who sets into labour spontaneously. A CSR in this group is vital as it impacts the woman’s future obstetric career. We at Fernandez Hospital focus on the first four groups of Robson as these women have never had a caesarean before. The distribution of our deliveries into the specific 10 groups is shown below.

  • Blue represents Group 1 - 5 : term, cephalic population
  • Grey represents Group 6 and 7 : breech
  • Green represents Group 8 : multifetal pregnancy
  • Brown represents Group 9 : abnormal lie, where vaginal delivery is not
  • Orange represents Group 10 : preterm cephalic births

Treating Headaches During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase during which you get ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. It is also a time when women undergo physical changes and experience some discomforts. Headache during pregnancy is quite common, especially in the first trimester. Though most frequent in the first and third trimester, pregnancy headache may occur at any time during the gestation period.

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