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Fetal Viability scan:

This examination is done at 6-10 weeks and is used to determine the number of fetuses present, and the progress of the pregnancy.

Nuchal scan:

The scan is usually conducted between 11-13 weeks of the pregnancy, to help:

  • Accurately determine the date of pregnancy and expected date of delivery.
  • Assess the risks of Down's Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities.
  • Diagnose multiple pregnancy.
  • Diagnose certain major fetal abnormalities.
  • Diagnose early pregnancy failure.

Anomaly scan:

This is a detailed scan between 19-23 weeks in which the focus is on:

  • Position of the placenta.
  • Amount of amniotic fluid present.
  • Measurement of fetal growth, where special attention is paid to the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, bowel, kidneys and limbs.

Cardiac scan:

A detailed examination of the fetal heart, conducted at 20-24 weeks, is especially recommended for :

  • Women with a family history of heart abnormalities.
  • Where increased nuchal translucency was found at the 12 week scan.
  • Assessing the risk of Down's Syndrome.

Fetal Wellbeing scan:

The scan is conducted after 32 weeks of pregnancy. The aim is to determine the growth and health of the fetus by:

  • Measurement of the size of the fetal head, abdomen and thigh bone, and calculation of an estimated fetal weight.
  • Examination of the movements of the fetus.
  • Evaluation of the placental position and appearance.
  • Measurement of the amount of amniotic fluid.
  • Assessment of blood flow to the placenta and fetus by Colour Doppler ultrasound.

Treating Headaches During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a phase during which you get ready to welcome your little bundle of joy. It is also a time when women undergo physical changes and experience some discomforts. Headache during pregnancy is quite common, especially in the first trimester. Though most frequent in the first and third trimester, pregnancy headache may occur at any time during the gestation period.

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