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High Risk OP

Motherhood is special and for some it gets complicated, when a risk factor develops.

Risk factors classify a mother as high risk and make her more likely to have adverse outcomes. It has been our aim to make sure that these mothers receive special care from a team experienced in high-risk obstetrics. Many a times, the most difficult and worrying time is that of birth and immediately post delivery. Our team at Fernandez Hospital has been looking after high-risk mothers from pre-pregnancy times, to antenatal care, delivery and follows up post delivery. These risk factors range from medical disorders complicating pregnancy to complications like preterm birth to recurrent pregnancy losses to multiple pregnancy to mothers with higher age or weight. Fernandez Hospital introduced the concept of a dedicated high risk pregnancy unit and started the unit 2 with a full fledged Labour Ward and an obstetric ICU with a multidisciplinary team of obstetricians, in house obstetric physicians, critical care team, anaesthetists and neonatologists.