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Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC)

Kangaroo Mother Care

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is a technique that requires the mother to hold her newborn wrapped to her chest in a 24-hour, skin-to-skin contact, the way a kangaroo keeps its young one in its pouch after it is born.

Kangaroo Mother Care is popular in developing countries like Colombia, the Philippines and South Africa.

Babies with low birthweight (LBW) need extra special care, which is initially provided as intensive care in a critical care unit. Once they stabilize, most LBW babies just need to be kept warm.

Conventionally, babies are kept warm in an incubator where they are separated from their mothers for days. In KMC the babies are wrapped to their mother's chest with a special broad strap. This skin to skin contact keeps them as warm as they would be in an incubator. Additionally, it makes them physiologically more stable, enables them to bond better with their mother, have fewer serious infections, go home sooner, and breastfeed better and longer. Studies have shown that KMC babies catch up with their normal growth rate faster than babies kept in an incubator.

Fernandez Hospital is a pioneer of Kangaroo Mother Care in Telangana and is the first private hospital to offer continuous KMC. The hospital has a special KMC Ward where mothers of low birthweight babies are initiated into Kangaroo Mother Care. The concept is gaining increasing acceptance by new parents.