Exposure to Hysterosimulator sparks deep interest from deleg...

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive intervention that can be used to diagnose and treat many intrauterine and endocervical problems like hysteroscopic polypectomy, myomectomy and endometrial ablation. Given their safety and efficacy, diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy have become standards in gynaecologic practice. 
To focus more on this important area of Gynaecology, Fernandez Hospital organised a one-day Basic Hysteroscopy Workshop on 10th December 2017 at the LJF Block Conference Hall, Bogulkunta aimed at postgraduates and practitioners who are beginners in hysteroscopy. 
The workshop was an intensive and comprehensive introductory course focused on learning the basics in performing diagnostic/operative hysteroscopy with some exposure to intermediate procedures.. The program included didactic lectures supplemented with clinical scenarios and videos of procedures.There was exposure to the hysterosimulator along with mannequins and candidates were given time for hand-on practice after the workshop. 
The Telangana State Medical Council (TSMC) has awarded 2 Credit Points to the delegates attending the workshop.
Delegates were very appreciative of the way the workshop was conducted. Some suggested a two-day workshop with more hands-on opportunities. The postgraduates found the session very helpful and were thankful for the information and the scope to learn. Overall, they rated it "a very inspiring" workshop.

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