Fitness Expert Ms. Shilpa Reddy Launches NAARI Magazine

Women have been given a forum to voice their concerns with the launch of NAARI, a quarterly magazine published by Fernandez Hospital Educational & Research Foundation, Hyderabad.
Ms. Shilpa Reddy, fitness expert and blogger on motherhood, released the inaugural issue of the magazine at a gathering of the city’s elite on Saturday 31st March, 2018 at the Marigold Hotel, Begumpet. Ms. Shilpa Reddy’s presence as a mother and a proponent of women’s health and positive living endorsed the importance of NAARI’s contribution to the good health of the present day women. Present at the launch were Dr. Evita Fernandez, Managing Trustee of the Foundation and NAARI’s Editor Ms. Ratna Rao Shekar.
Conceived by Ms. Ratna, NAARI’s first issue focuses on stories of midwives and young mothers birthing the natural way. The magazine hopes to feature more stories of women who have fought odds to find their voice in society.
The Foundation works in tandem with Fernandez Hospital, a highly reputed institution in the Twin cities dedicated to health care for women and newborn. Backed by 70 years experience, Fernandez makes every effort to promote natural birth while reducing the incidence of Caesarean Sections.
The magazine, the first of its kind for any hospital in the country, will not only highlight activities about Fernandez Hospital but also issues concerning women with a focus on compassionate and respectful maternity care.

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