Couples Participate Enthusiastically at Spinning Babies Work...

Fernandez Hospital was privileged to have “Spinning Babies” come to India for the first time through the facilitation of Ms. Priyanka Gulati and Ms. Millena Sehgal, both childbirth educators and doulas from Birth School India.
The workshop was conducted by Ms. Tammy Ryan, one of the seven trainers worldwide for Spinning Babies, which is an approach to optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and the baby for the easing of childbirth. The focus is on easier birth with fetal positioning.
The collaborative effort between Birth School India and PROMISE, Hyderabad enabled Spinning Babies to organize two full-day workshops on 10th and 11th February 2018 at Stork Home, Banjara Hills.
Day 1 was a Spinning Babies Workshop for professionals who included obstetricians, midwives, LDR nurses, physiotherapists, childbirth educators and doulas. The participants learned how to use balance, gravity and movement to promote a smooth birthing process through optimal fetal positioning and maternal physiology.
Day 2 focused on Mothers-to-be with a Belly Mapping Workshop. Expectant couples learned how to identify the baby's position in the final months of pregnancy. Spouses and partners participated actively.
Day 2 also raised awareness about pregnant survivors of abuse through a Talk and Panel Discussion on “When Survivors of Abuse Give Birth”. The discussion was facilitated by Ms. Tammy Ryan with her previous experience of supporting pregnant survivors of abuse; and Consultant Midwife Ms. Indie Kaur, who has recently launched a maternity clinic in London for pregnant survivors of abuse; and Dr. Kausar Shaik clinical psychologist at Fernandez Hospital. The session evoked healthy discussions and recommendations to support survivors of abuse. There will be further sessions to raise awareness of this sensitive subject.

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