Core Group

Core Group

Core Group

Dr. Evita, along with Dr. Kasthuri, Dr. Shashikala and Dr. Geeta form the Core Group of Consultants at Fernandez Hospital.

Today, after nearly three decades of committed work, they are senior consultants, who are greatly respected and whose clinical expertise is relied upon very much.

Over the years, the Core Group has mentored and trained middle level and junior doctors as well as nurses, thus helping to put a full-fledged team in place, ensuring continuing personalised care to patients.

To our patients, the Core Group doctors are reassuring faces who have been instilling confidence and trust for generations. Their dedication has transformed the hospital into an institution of excellence, integrity and repute.

Molar pregnancy / Trophoblastic disease

Molar pregnancy is part of the spectrum of diseases known as trophoblastic disease. A normal pregnancy consists of the fetus or developing baby and the placenta which is made of trophoblasts. 

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