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    The news of expecting a baby can be exciting and thrilling for couples, at the same time this journey can bring about mixed emotions of anxiety and fear regarding the wellbeing of the baby, the pain while birthing, uncertainty, outcome of birth and sometimes even the lack of confidence and knowledge of taking care of the baby and yourself..

    Birth without Fear childbirth classes take inspiration from the Lamaze philosophy of birth and introduce you to the practices at Fernandez Hospital. The goal of these evidence-based classes is to make the expectant couple feel confident, supported, and empowered to make informed decisions and navigate their way through pregnancy, birth and parenthood with positivity and joy!

    What do we teach you in these classes?

    Class 1

    Who can attend?

    Anyone over 16 weeks of gestation can attend.

    Topics covered:

    • • Healthy lifestyle in pregnancy
    • • Exercises, diet and mental health in pregnancy

    Class 2

    Who can attend?

    Anyone over 30 weeks can attend.

    Topics covered:

    • • Labour and pain management
    • • Comfort measures
    • • Breathing awareness and relaxation

    Class 3

    Who can attend?

    Anyone over 34 weeks can attend.

    Topics covered:

    • • Massage techniques
    • • Movement and positions in labour
    • • 6 Healthy birth practices
    • • Information on medical interventions



    Class 4

    Who can attend?

    Anyone who has attended Class 3

    Topics covered:

    • • Postpartum care
    • • Breastfeeding essentials
    • • Neonatal care
    • • Suture care
    • • Postnatal mental health

    What to expect from these classes?

    Learn things you never knew about labour and birth

    • • How does labour start and progress and how to distinguish between false and true labour?
    • • Know the red flags of coming to the hospital and discuss different birth scenarios.
    • • Learn to care for yourself and your baby the right way, both physically and emotionally. Educate yourself about the myths and facts surrounding activity, exercises, and nutrition in pregnancy. Address your fears, stress and anxiety by mindfulness and other holistic ways.
    • • Discuss the Lamaze six healthy birth practices for safe and healthy birth.
    • • Connect with your labour partner or birth doula.
    • • Know how important the right kind of support can do to reduce unnecessary medical interventions, increase chances of a normal birth, and have a more positive birth experience.
    • • Basics of medical intervention.
    • • Learn about the risks, benefits, and alternatives to medical interventions; know about how unnecessary routine interventions can influence the course of labour; also know in which circumstances an intervention is medically indicated.
    • • Be confident about new-born care and breastfeeding.
    • • Get information on C-Sections and (VBAC)Vaginal birth after a C-Section.
    • • Get informed about your rights as a birthing couple, know what questions to ask your doctor/midwife or care provider.

    When can you enrol...


    • • You can enrol as early as in the 16th week to start exercising right, eating right and having a positive mind set.
    • • Towards the last trimester, anytime above 30 weeks you can enrol for the rest of the classes.

    Important Information

    We offer classes in Hindi,Telugu, and English. Our classes are open to all couples across the country/ world who wish to attend classes and are not enrolled with us for pregnancy as well.

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