• Visit Fernandez's new Outpatient Clinic at Necklace Road, Sec'bad. Slots are now open; Call 040 4780 7575 for appointments.
  • Centralized appointments are now available 24x7, call toll free 1800 419 1397 for assistance. Please click here to book an appointment for your consultation.

Request an Appointment

COMBINING HEALTHCARE with technology, Fernandez Hospitals now makes its specialists available to its patients via video/virtual consultation. To make the booking process as convenient and seamless as possible, please follow the steps listed below.

  • Fill in your details in online form
  • From the slots available, please select your preferred choice for an appointment
  • The cost of each consultation is approximately INR 650
  • Select your preferred mode of payment
  • You will receive a meeting link for your video consultation with our specialist, 10 minutes prior ro your appointment
  • Once your appointment is booked and confirmed, you are requested to dial in for your consultation at least 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time to avoid any delays

* For any further assistance, you can email us on

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